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37,500 ton bulk carrier new ship construction contract signed in Beijing

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37,500 ton bulk carrier new ship construction contract signed in Beijing

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On July 15th, Tsuji Heavy Industry and the Bahamas Campbell Shipping Ltd. held a simple and grand signing ceremony in Beijing, signing a contract for the construction of a “2+2” 37,500-ton double-shell portable bulk carrier with log transportation.
The series of handysize bulk carriers are built in accordance with the “SEATRANSPORTER” series designed by Algoship Designers, and are designed, designed and produced by Smart Engineering and Design Solutions Ltd. (SEDS). The two companies are affiliates of GTR Campbell Marine Consultants (GTRC).
GTRC has been providing project management services and technical support to major shipyards. The concept design of the 30,000-ton bulk carrier currently under construction in Tsuji Heavy Industry is also from Algoship.
The hands of Designers. Mr. Antony Prince, President of GTRC, said: "The signing of the contract has brought a glimmer of hope to the current sluggish shipbuilding market."
“We think this is a very good and fuel-efficient new design that meets the latest rules and specifications and represents the future of the handy-type ship,” said Lowell Mortimer, Chairman of Campbell Shipping.
“The cooperation between 辻 industry and Algoship Designers and GTRC originated from the beginning of the 造 industry shipbuilding business. So far, the shipyard has successfully delivered 14 bulk carriers.
GTRC has given the delivery of these ships in the quality and quantity of the Tsuji Heavy Industry. Many help, I believe that the cooperation between Tsuji Heavy Industry and GTRC and Algoship will attract the attention of the world.” Xu Xiangyang, deputy general manager of Tsuji Heavy Industry, said.

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