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Tsuji Heavy Industry NB series first ship FENGLI10 successfully delivered

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Tsuji Heavy Industry NB series first ship FENGLI10 successfully delivered

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On June 29, 2012, the NB series first ship “FENGLI10” built by Haoye Heavy Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the delivery and maiden voyage ceremony at Pohang Wharf. General Manager Zhang Huanzhong and Executive Deputy General Manager Wu Qingqing Leaders of the company's headquarters, Yang Yuanzhang, and other company leaders attended the delivery ceremony.

Around 14:30 pm, the "FENGLI10" raised the whistle, full of everyone's blessings, and slowly departed under the guidance of two tugs to open the first voyage.

"FENGLI10" is EMBOLDEN SHIPPING CO., LTD custom 30000T bulk carrier. As the first ship of the NB series, she continued the excellent quality of the TSUJI construction ship, and carried out design improvement based on the YASA series of ships, the performance is even better. In 2012, our company plans to complete the delivery of 6 NB series ships, and will deliver another two ships in this series in July.

The smooth delivery of the "FENGLI10" ship marks a new step in the shipbuilding technology and strength of our company, and also laid a more solid foundation for the construction of the subsequent NB series 37500T bulk carrier.

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